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Car Parking Types


This type of parking areas covers ‘Parking Houses’ where customers can park their cars inside the building. In order to create a ‘CAR_PARK’ either press ‘G’ or right-click to map, choose ‘New’ then click ‘Car Park[G]’. Location of the parking area is defined by a user with a left-click. When the park area is created, ‘Entrance Point’ needs to be defined. To add it, left-click on the parking area, under the ‘Edit’ tab ‘Add Entrance Point’ button will appear, user needs to define a location of the entrance point. Street view or satellite 3D imagery can be useful in order to define that point.

Ps. Some CAR_PARK may have more than one entry point.


This is a special kind of ‘CAR_PARK’ that is located underground.


This type covers ‘CAR_PARK’ AND ‘PARKINGAREA’ which is located in airports.


This is a general/default type for parking areas where type information is unknown. To create a ‘PARKINGAREA,’ either press ‘P’ or right-click to map, choose ‘New’ then click ‘Polygon[P]’. The user needs to define edges of the polygon when all edges are defined press ‘Enter’ and choose the ‘Create Parking Area’ button from the right side of the table.




This type covers parking lots which are located on side of the streets. They can be located on both sides or just one side. To create an ‘ON_STREET’ parking area either use shortcuts(L for left side, R for right side and B for both sides) or right-click on a map and choose ‘New’ then click ‘On Street’ finally choose the side of parking area Left, Right or Both.




A particular type of ‘PARKINGAREA’ which is located near to train stations. They mostly include attributes like maximum parking duration, precise price information for customers.


Automated parking lots without a roof.


Automated underground parking lots.


These are parking lots just for customers, mostly cover supermarket parking lots. 


This type is used for employee parking lots.


Updated on December 17, 2018

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