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How to use AIPARK with Mapbox on iOS

Getting Started

This project shows you how to integrate the AIPARK parking information in a mapbox android application. The app shows parking information on a mapbox map. You can click on the parking areas to get more information about it and see the predicted or actual occupancy over the day. If you click on the map for a longer time, an optimal route is shown leading to a parking spot nearby the desired location.

You can use this app as a starting point to develop your own parking app. If you have any questions or hints, we are happy to hear from you!

You can clone/download the project from GitHub.

Here are some screenshots of the app:


Build App

1. API keys

First, you need a Mapbox access token and an AIPARK API key. You get both for free. All you need to do is register for the services:

  • After you get both keys, you need to add them to your project
    • The mapbox token will be placed in the info.plist file. Therefore add a row with the key MGLMapboxAccessToken. The value for this key is the token you’ve got from mapbox.
    • The AIPARK token will be placed in the info.plist, too. Therefore create an entry with the key AIPARKToken and your token as value.

2. Run

After you’ve cloned the app, you need to install the pods that are listed in the podfile. If you’re not familiar with cocoapod you can find an introduction here: https://cocoapods.org/.

  • Install pods
    pod install
  • Run the project in Xcode using the generated .xcworkspace file
Updated on June 20, 2019

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