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Standardization of Descriptions

This page will be reviewed under two headings. Pricing Table and  Opening Hours Table.

1- Pricing Table

1.1- Linear Price Increase

If there is a continuous linear price increase in the price table of a parking place, it would be mean to write multiple lines of price entries in aipark Studio-Pricing Table. So in order to represent the data in a more clear way “(‘amount’ for each additional ‘duration’)” format needs to be used. 

For example;

On the right side of the price table, first 30min. is free then each additional 30min. is 1,00€.

Instead of writing nine lines, (1,00€ for each additional 30min.) description needs to be used in the second price information line. 




In the end, data will be represented clearly.

For example;

or if the table is a bit more complicated, like Stuttgart short parking restrictions;


Possible alternatives;

(1,00€ for each additional hour), (0,50€ for each additional 30min.), (2,00€ for each additional hour)

1.2- With BahnCard

Mostly used in Park&Ride places or park places which are next to train stations. Defines a discount price for Deutsche Bahn Customers.

For example;

1.3- Night Tariff

Defines the price of the car parking for one night. Start and end time must be specified in the time table.

For example;

1.4- Customer & Audience Prices

Customer & Audience price description mostly used for a shopping mall park places or theaters. Some of them have a discounted price for their customers & audiences. If that is the case, (Customer price is ‘amount’) or (Free for customers) description needs to be used. 

Possible alternatives;

(Theater audience price), (Cinema audience price), (Hospital patience price)

For example;

1.5- Maximum-Minimum Duration

In some park places, there is a maximum duration time. If that is the case, (max. ‘duration’) description needs to be used. 

Possible alternatives;

(max. 1 month), (max. 1 day), (max. 2 hours)

For example;

If the driver purchases a long-term parking ticket, some park places offer some discounts. If that is the case, (min. ‘duration amount’) description needs to be used. 

Possible alternatives;

(min. 3 months), (min. 1 month), (min. 1 week)

For example;

1.6- Lost of Park Card

Some park places inform drivers that if they lose their park card, there is an amount needs to be paid. Mostly 1-day amount. If that is the case, (Lost of park card) description needs to be used.

For example;

1.7- Persons with Disabilities

There may have some discounts for people who have some disabilities. If that is the case then (Persons with Disabilities) description needs to be used.

1.8- Parkscheibe (Parking Disc)

If ‘die parkscheibe’ has to be used during the parking time then (Parking disk is mandatory) description needs to be used.

1.9- Payment Time Restrictions

In some park places, drivers cannot make a payment for 24 hours. If that is the case, (Payment should be made between ‘time’ and ‘time’) or (Payment should be made before ‘time’) description needs to be used. 


2- Opening Hours Table

2.1- Exit Time

Some park places do not work 24 hours. There are 2 possibilities to define exit time; drivers can exit at any time or restrictions on exit time. If these are the cases, (Exit possible at any time) or (Exit possible until ‘time’) description needs to be used.

For example;

2.2- Special Time for Events

There are some exhibition park places that open only for events. If that is the case,  (Open for big events) description needs to be used.



Updated on January 9, 2019

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